Artek, Inc.

Artek, a leading manufacturer of Duravar® Extruded Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), has been providing dependable quality, reliable support and faithful service to their plastics partners for 30 years. Artek has been rewarded with solid business partnerships over the years and looks forward to growing those partnerships and creating many new ones in the years to come. Artek puts great value on these partnerships and cannot thank each of them enough for their loyal support and patronage.

It is Artek’s continued goal to provide unsurpassed customer service, premium material quality, comprehensive technical support and competitive pricing to their partners in the plastics distribution market. Once again, Artek is accepting the challenges set by their plastics partners to assist them in meeting the needs of their industrial base. Keeping up with customer demand, Artek now occupies three facilities, two of which are utilized for manufacturing, with the third as a finished-goods warehouse and shipment facility. Artek has grown their Duravar® UHMW-PE extruded rod and tube stock, full sheet, half sheet, quarter sheet, flat bar and profile shapes to include additional sizes, profile configurations and material formulations to fulfill increasing requirements. All Duravar® UHMW-PE products are available in a variety of FDA colors and enhanced formulations to improve performance in specialized applications.

As a member of the elite engineered polymer family, Duravar® UHMW-PE products provide the combined enhanced physical properties of high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent impact resistance to eliminate the traditional problems incurred in many industrial applications on a daily basis.

These excellent physical properties and the technical expertise provided by the Artek staff make Duravar® UHMW-PE the desired material of choice to solve today’s industrial application problems. Artek’s technical and customer service staff is just a phone call away and are always ready to assist you in recommending the perfect Duravar® UHMW-PE material for those challenging applications.

At Artek, the customer is always the No. 1 priority, and is treated with specialized, individual customer service and support. The Artek Team is dedicated, experienced and recognize the value of quality products with quick turnaround times. They believe in building true, long lasting partnerships and team synergy with each customer.

If you enjoy being associated with a winning organization that thrives on providing true customer support and service, call Artek today and become a part of Artek’s Team of valued customers.