1984 – Artek was founded by Dennis Dammeyer

1985 – February, Incorporated as Artek, Inc., Started operations in a 4,000 sq. ft. rented building located at 1616 South Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
1990 – Original operating space was expanded to 9,600 sq. ft. to accommodate increased demands
1994 – January, construction started on Artek’s new manufacturing and warehouse facility located at 3311 Enterprise Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana. In July, Artek moved into the newly constructed manufacturing and warehouse facility increasing capacities by 60%. In December, Artek increased capacities once again by an additional 60%.
1996 – October, 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing expansion completed. In November, extrusion capacity was increased by an additional 60%.
1997 – Investment in the future was Artek’s key ingredient for growth when designing and building new extrusion dies in 1997. Artek completed the line of extruded rod stock by adding larger diameters, enlarged board stock capabilities by adding new sizes, and entered the standard profiles market with various new shapes.
1998 – Artek entered the UHMW sheet market by adding heavy gauge product to their expanding line of UHMW. The initial phase of the Half Sheet Plus Program provided product that was 24-3/4″ wide and in thickness’ ranging from 1″ to 1-1/2″.
1999 – Artek expanded the Half Sheet Plus Program to include thickness’ of 1-3/4″ and 2″ in all formulations. Greater emphasis was put on growing standard & custom profile product line.
2000 – Artek continued their expansion of the Half Sheet Plus capabilities to include new thickness of 2-1/4″ up through 3-1/2″ in all formulations. Artek realized substantial growth in the Custom and Standard Duravar® UHMW Profile Product Line through greater recognition at the Distribution and OEM levels.
2001 – Artek added 20,000 sq. ft. to their Fort Wayne operation, creating a 55,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and warehousing facility. This addition allowed Artek the opportunity to also add new extrusion capabilities, allowing them to increase their extrusion capacity to a potential 40 extrusion lines. Artek also added a variety of new Standard Profiles and Flat Stock sizes. The Half Sheet Plus Program expanded to include 3/4″ thickness to assist in capturing additional traditional sheet market share.
2003 – Artek increases fabrication capabilities
2005 – Artek builds Plant II, a 34,700 sq. ft. warehouse adjacent to Plant I on Enterprise Road.
2007 – Artek enters the Full Sheet market.
2009 – Artek begins In-House Reprocessing
2010 – Artek expands Full Sheet capacity to keep up with customer demand.building3
2011 – Artek acquires Plant III, a 30,140 sq. ft. facility located at 6707 Gabion Way to act as a warehouse for Duravar® UHMW-PE inventory and shipment facility.
2012 – Artek expands Full Sheet capacity to keep up with customer demand.