Extruded Rod Stock

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Duravar® UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock is available in Virgin Natural and Color, Reprocessed Blends, and Modified Grades. A variety of standard colors and blends are readily available for specific requirements.

  • Extruded In Diameters From 1/4″ to 8″
  • 1/4″ to 7/8″ Are Extruded to (+/-) Tolerance
  • 1″ And Larger Extruded (+) Tolerance Only
  • Available In Virgin, Reprocessed, & Enhanced Formulations
  • Inventoried in Standard 10 ft. Lengths
  • Custom Lengths & Colors Upon Special Request
  • Doweled, Close Tolerance Available In Diameters From 1″ to 3″

Duravar® UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock is normally extruded oversize to allow for machining to nominal dimensions. However, sizes 1/4″ diameter through 7/8″ diameter are extruded to a closer tolerance.

Larger diameters (7″ & 8″ diameters) of Duravar® UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock are available in custom lengths as short as 12″.

Artek extrudes a full compliment of Duravar® UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock sizes. Artek also maintains an extensive inventory level of all sizes in Virgin Natural, Virgin colors, and Reprocessed Blends.

Duravar® UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock maintains excellent roundness and a smooth surface, which often eliminates costly centerless grinding. Centerless grinding is available for customers who want sizes closer to the nominal dimension.

Duravar® Seconds Rod Inventory

Duravar® Seconds Rod Inventory consists mainly of Surface Blemishes and No-Melt Center. Take advantage of Duravar® Seconds Rod Inventory for those projects in which the OD is being turned or the center is being bored. Contact an Artek Customer Service Representative for more details. Subject to availability.

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